For my first book, DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING, we had to get the ARCs printed before the cover was finalized. I’ve done many blog posts showing the changes from first draft to final.

This is also going to be the case with DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN.


This cover is VERY close to what the final will be. We are only making minor tweaks. But my publisher and I have decided to go ahead and share it with you, since everyone is going to see it once ARCs start circulating anyway.

So here it is!

DotSQ_CVR (1)

What do you think?

Also, you can preorder it now!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BAM! | Indie Bound | Powells


12 thoughts on “DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN Cover Reveal

  1. Agreed that book 1 was my favorite read this year. Can’t wait for book 2! Just pre ordered it from amazon!


  2. Hi Tricia!

    I’m currently reading Daughter of the pirate king and I’m enjoying it soo much! I can’t wait for the sequel! Since I saw Sinbad Legend of The Seven Seas in the cinema (8-year-old), I have been dreaming to write a book about pirates (and I always wanted to have a female pirate heroine as the main character). I was never sure whether anyone would like a book about pirates. Now that I’m reading your book I have more courage to try it!

    Just wondering, did you like the new POTC movie?


    1. Hi Talita. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book! The whole reason I wrote it was because there was a distinct lack of female pirates in literature. I’m so glad it’s something you’re interested in writing about too! I love Dreamworks’ Sinbad! It’s my favorite animated movie. I still watch it! As for my thoughts on the new POC movie, I’ve typed them all out in this twitter thread! https://twitter.com/TriciaLevensell/status/876509353993420800 What did you think of the movie?


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