Warrior of the Wild

WotW Cover Coming Soon.jpg

Releasing February 2019

When eighteen-year-old Rasmira is banished from her village after failing her coming-of-age trial, she must survive the monster-filled wild long enough to kill her village’s oppressive deity if she ever wants to return home.









10 thoughts on “Warrior of the Wild

  1. Hi Tricia!!!!! I love your books!!! my favorite books are Daughter of the pirate king and Daughter of the siren queen!
    I read daughter of the siren queen 8 times now!!! [I’m a fast reader]. I was wondering if you will ever make another book called The Pirate Queen because i would love to read more adventures of Alosa and her crew and what dangers they will see. My name is Sunika Fox im 13 years old and I love reading. I cant wait to read more books about you!


    1. Hi Sunika! I’m so glad you enjoy the books! I will not be writing another book about Alosa. I feel strongly that her story is finished. HOWEVER, I might revisit the world in the future to write about some of Alosa’s crew members and tell their stories. 🙂


  2. Ok! If you could, I would like to read about Roslyn and her adventure!s! Roslyn is my second favorite character and I love that she has this cute little attitude and how she try’s to be a grown up! so…yea id love to read about her sometime in the future. Btw I love in the beginnings how you do those quotes of Captain Jack sparrow! there so funny!


  3. I love your books and I think that the way you captured my interest is a credit to your writing abilities I had never fished a book before I read daughter of the pirat king and I am 15. You really have captured my love of pirates and mystical creatures and I can’t wait to read your book in 2019


    1. Thank you, Beth! I’m so excited to hear you read a book on your own. I was your age when I read my first book, too. Young adult fantasy is what finally turned me into a reader. I’m glad to have found a fellow pirate lover!


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