Where can I buy signed and/or personalized copies of your books?

International and US readers can buy signed copies of my books from The Printed Garden. Just shoot Aaron an email at ACance64@msn.com, letting him know which books you want. He will contact me to make arrangements for signing.

When will your book be published in my country?

I would love for my book to be published in your country! However, authors have no control over which countries we publish in. We have to be approached by a foreign publisher who wants to buy the rights. I have now added foreign editions to the Books tab, so be sure to see which foreign editions are releasing soon!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

If you haven’t finished a book yet, my advice is to write a book from start to finish! You learn so much about the writing process from finishing that first story and editing it. If it’s something you haven’t accomplished yet, set a goal to get that book done! I set daily word count goals, usually about 1500 words a day. If you set a goal, no matter how large or small, you’ll eventually have a finished book.

If you’ve already finished a book from start to finish, my advice is to read extensively in the genre you’re hoping to publish in. It’s so crucial to know what stories have already been written so you can make sure yours stands out!

Do you have any tips for how to get published?

Everything I learned about how to get published, I learned from this website.

Where can I get signed bookplates?

I send out signed bookplates once a year when it’s preorder incentive time. When you purchase my newest release, I’m happy to send along bookplates for past novels as well. I do ship to international readers! My books are available at Book Depository! Just be sure to follow me at one of my social media accounts so you don’t miss out on the announcement when it’s incentive time!

Will there be a third book in the Daughter of the Pirate King series?

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, but no. Alosa’s story is definitely done. I am returning to the world of Maneria to tell Sorinda and Kearan’s story, though! Check out VENGEANCE OF THE PIRATE QUEEN in the Books Tab.

Would you consider turning Riden’s chapter into a whole book from his perspective?

I’m so happy to hear how much everyone loves the chapter, but I won’t be doing a whole book from Riden’s perspective. Alosa and Riden were together for so much of Daughter of the Pirate King that it just wouldn’t be different enough from the original. The only reason that first chapter works is because it leads up to their first meeting.

Will The Shadows Between Us have a sequel?

No. Alessandra and Kallias have achieved their happily ever after. I’m going to leave them to it. However, I am contracted for a companion novel, which will take place in the same world but feature a new couple. It’s called The Darkness within Us, and you can learn more here.

Could you please turn your books into movies/TV shows?

This isn’t something that authors have the power to make happen on their own. We have to be approached by a producer who wants to buy the rights. If we do sell the rights, there is still a good chance that the movie won’t be made, as so many things have to come together for this to happen. But even if the rights are sold and the movie/show does happen, authors have zero say in casting, the script, costumes, etc. This is why so many movies are nothing like the books. When the rights are bought, the producer has the freedom to do whatever they wish with the adaptation.

I have a book idea for you. Would you be interested in hearing it?

I’m so glad you like my writing style, but no. I’m only interested in writing my own ideas. If you have a book idea, I suggest you write it!

What if I have an idea for a story in a world you’ve created or for characters you’ve created?

The answer is still no. I already know where I want to take my stories or where I want them to end. I’m so glad to hear I’ve inspired you, though.