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Real Female Pirates, Part 2

    Grace O’Malley was the daughter of the O’Malley Clan’s chieftain, whose holdings were located off the west coast of Ireland in the 16th century. Grace wanted to be on the sea from the time she was little. She . . . (Read More)

Real Female Pirates, Part 1

It bothers me when I hear people discredit movies and books because “women can’t really do that.” The phrase is usually in reference to women having impressive fighting skills, whether it be May in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Celaena in . . . (Read More)

Bad Guy Motivations

A few years ago I compiled a list of bad guy motivations. I’m now posting it here. Hope this helps others looking to write three dimensional villains! Remember, writers, villains need to be just as well-rounded as protagonists. They need . . . (Read More)


I’ve received some requests to see my query letter lately, so I thought I’d post it here. After one round of querying and not getting any bites, the fabulous Elana Johnson took a look and gave me some wonderful advice. “What . . . (Read More)

Saving Malfoy

I love rereading Harry Potter, talking about Harry Potter, and thinking about Harry Potter. And I love when I have these realizations that blow my mind on just how awesome JK Rowling is. One such realization came to me earlier . . . (Read More)

Why Pirates Actually Wore Eye Patches

While it’s certainly true that eye patches were (and are) commonly used to conceal a missing or disfigured eye, that’s not the most common reason for why pirates wore them. I’m sure everyone has experienced a time when they had . . . (Read More)

Book Recommendations

While we wait for DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING to release in 2017, here are some book recommendations of novels written by other YA historical fantasy authors. I loved these books! Click on each book for a plot description. GRAVE . . . (Read More)


Welcome to my new site and blog! Here I will be discussing writing, reading, pirates (woo hoo!), and other fun topics as I go through my writing adventures. I’d like to give a quick shout out to Elizabeth Taggart for . . . (Read More)