I used to think all I had to do was sell a book, and then I’d be set. If I could just get a publisher to offer me a publishing deal, everything else would work out on its own. I have a publishing deal now. My first book is scheduled to release February 21, 2017— … More Perseverance

Writer’s Block

There are often days when I don’t want to write. The scene I put into my outline months ago is too complicated. It’s smarter than I am. I can’t possibly write it. And so the writing comes to a halt because I don’t know what happens next. I mean, I have a general idea of … More Writer’s Block

Bad Guy Motivations

A few years ago I compiled a list of bad guy motivations. I’m now posting it here. Hope this helps others looking to write three dimensional villains! Remember, writers, villains need to be just as well-rounded as protagonists. They need their own backstories and motivations. They cannot do bad things just for the sake of … More Bad Guy Motivations


I’ve received some requests to see my query letter lately, so I thought I’d post it here. After one round of querying and not getting any bites, the fabulous Elana Johnson took a look and gave me some wonderful advice. “What are the consequences, Tricia?” she asked. “What will happen if Alosa fails?” Right, tension. That’s … More Query Letter for DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING

Saving Malfoy

I love rereading Harry Potter, talking about Harry Potter, and thinking about Harry Potter. And I love when I have these realizations that blow my mind on just how awesome JK Rowling is. One such realization came to me earlier this week when I was thinking about how Harry saved Draco in book seven. You … More Saving Malfoy