DotPK Launch

I want to thank everyone who supported (and is still supporting) me and DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING. I had a wonderful launch party and release week!

I thought I would share some fun pictures from the launch!

We had the Provo City Library covered in pirate decor! My mother put together an amazing display table, with pieces my father built from scratch, such as two pirate chests and cutlasses! The chest on the left has ring pops for the kids and the one on the right has chocolate, gold-covered coins. With delicious Belgian chocolate inside!

Display Table

I dressed up in a gorgeous pirate corset made by Damsel In This Dress. My mother made the matching pirate hat! I gave a short presentation on how I became an author. My dad fixed up the podium so I could be at the “ship’s helm” while I talked. We had a big flag behind the signing table, which had even more fun pirate stuff on it. I just love how supportive my family was for the whole event. Couldn’t have done it without them!

Launch Pic

While I was signing books, I had one of the best surprises. A lovely reader made me DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING fanart, and I cannot stop looking at it!

Fan Art

My brother and sisters were also present for the event. I love that they dressed up with me! There was a pirate costume contest for everyone who participated!

Me and Siblings

And here is me and my mom!

ME and Mom at Launch

Dad didn’t dress up, but I was so happy to have him there. The amazing King’s English Bookshop was there selling books on site. All in all, I’d say the event was a huge success. My cheeks hurt by the end of it from smiling so much!


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Amara Milleman
Amara Milleman
4 months ago

I loved these books. I wish there was more of them. But I know u will probably not write more pirate books. If u have any recommendations on more pirate books please let me know.

Amara Milleman
Amara Milleman
3 months ago

Thank you for the recommendation!!!