Hi Friends!

The preorder campaign for MASTER OF IRON is live! Please read below carefully before doing anything!

First off, anyone (including international readers) who would like to preorder a signed and personalized edition of the book (and any of my past books) may do so from my local indie, The Printed Garden. Simply send an email to Aaron at and he will let you know pricing and whatnot.

US and Canada readers (excluding Quebec): submit your receipts here to receive the necklace, a signed bookplate, and the surprise item from phase 2, which we will announce next month! If you want to be eligible for the necklace pendant, you must submit your receipts before 6/28! Once phase 2 goes live, you will only be able to qualify for that item. Don’t forget the paperback preorder campaign for BLADE OF SECRETS is happening simultaneously (more info below). Be sure to submit your receipts for that here.

International readers: I’m sorry to say I cannot afford to send you all necklaces, but I would like to offer you something for preordering the book! Send your preorder receipts to my email ( ) to receive a signed bookplate and bookmark. If you preorder the paperback of BLADE OF SECRETS (or purchase the hardback) as well, I’m happy to also send you a special bookplate for that book. Additionally, you may request up to four more bookplates for any past books of mine you may own. Be sure to put your full bookplate request in one single email with the proof of purchase of MASTER OF IRON. Along with your request, please include your full address EXACTLY as it should appear on an envelop.

Now for the BLADE OF SECRETS paperback preorder campaign!

If you missed out on the hardback preorder campaign last year for BLADE OF SECRETS, you can still get your hands on this gorgeous art print this year by preordering the paperback! US and Canada readers submit your receipts here. International readers, I will send you a matching bookplate with your purchase!

Feel free to message me ( ) with any questions, and thank you so much for all your support with this series.

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