Preorder Incentive

Preorder Incentives for The Shadows Between Us

My publisher and I have some super fun goodies in store for you if you preorder THE SHADOWS BETWEEN US!

We commissioned these gorgeous postcards from the talented Diana Dworak! I am so pleased with how they turned out! On top of the gorgeous art prints, you will also receive a signed bookplate (pictured below) when you turn in your proof of purchase! Now please read the entirety of this post before you do anything else!

You are eligible to receive preorder goodies only by preordering a HARDCOVER version of the book. If you haven’t done that yet, click here to go to the preorder links!

If you’d like to preorder a signed copy of the book from my local bookstore, you can do that! Visit my FAQs page for instructions for both US and International readers!

If you preorder through ShelfLove Crate, you are eligible for the incentives! If you order through the other book box you suspect is doing the book, you are not eligible because the incentives will already come in the box.

Preorder goodies are only available while supplies last!

For US readers, you need to go here to claim your preorder goodies and submit your proof of purchase!

International readers, send an email to with your proof of purchase and your address. Please put PREORDER in the subject of your email. I can guarantee a signed bookplate while supplies last, and I’m working on finding envelopes that will fit the swag pack while only costing the price of an international stamp.

You’re also welcome to make a library request for the book. I will count that as preordering. Even if you’re in the US, you will need to send proof of that to me, rather than my publisher because they are only fulfilling hardcover purchases.

Additionally, if you’ve missed out on bookplates for my past books, I’m offering a signed standard book plate that matches my website design (pictured below). By sending in your proof of purchase for THE SHADOWS BETWEEN US you are eligible for a signed bookplate to put in any of my past books you might have missed out on during previous incentives. Simply send me an email (if you’ve already sent one with your proof of purchase, please REPLY TO THAT SAME EMAIL so I don’t get two emails from you) with your proof of purchase and how many past bookplates you would like to receive (maximum of three, as I only have three past books). If you’re a US reader, you will still need to go to this website to get the Shadows bookplate and postcards. You will then send a separate email to me requesting bookplates for previous books.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below! Or you can send me an email. Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my books!

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WARRIOR OF THE WILD Preorder Incentives

If you’re a US resident, click here to redeem all the items above!

If you’re international, send an email to with your proof of purchase and full address (spaced exactly like it needs to go on the envelope), and I will send you the items myself!

If you’re looking to preorder a special edition of the book (with a full color poster map on the reverse side of the dust jacket), you can do that here. But be sure to order soon because most of the special edition books are sold out!

Feel free to email me at the address given above with any questions! Thanks so much for your support!

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Preorder Incentive for SIREN QUEEN

I can hardly believe we’re only a month and a half away from DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN’s launch! February 27th is just around the corner! That being said, I have goodies for those of you who preorder the book!

SQ Incentives

To redeem items 1 and 2 (bookmark and bookplate), send a picture/screenshot of your receipt to To redeem the exclusive chapter, click here! International orders may redeem all items, too, however, international orders will not be able to redeem the chapter through the link, so I will send it to you as a PDF when you request the other two items via email. This offer is only valid while supplies last! Shoot me an email if you have any questions. (IMPORTANT: OwlCrate subscribers check your email before redeeming.)

I’m excited to have you guys read Riden’s chapter! It’s the first chapter of DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING told through Riden’s point of view, so you don’t need to worry about reading it before SIREN QUEEN. I hope it will be a nice teaser to hold you guys over until the next book’s release. I had so much fun writing it, and I hope you all enjoy reading it!

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I have fun things to share today! For one, DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN’s cover has been finalized. I’ve been given permission to share the jacket art, so I’ll post it below for you to see!


And in keeping with tradition, let’s do our Can You Spot the Difference game! Below I have the initial DOTSQ cover on the left and the new cover on the right (or top and then bottom, depending on your screen size). I’ve found 5 differences. How many do you see?

DotSQ_first coverDotSQ Cover

Yesterday, I was sent the first version of the end pages for DOTSQ. If you’ll remember, in PIRATE KING, the end pages featured ship schematics for the Night Farer. I think you guys will be really excited to see the end pages for SIREN QUEEN. Sadly, they aren’t finalized yet, so I can’t share. But they are awesome and will be totally worth the wait!

For those of you who have preordered DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN, hold on to those receipts! There WILL be preorder incentives. One item in particular is extra special and will be available to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who preorders the book. That will probably be announced in January after the holidays. If you go to the home page of my website, you can find all the preorder links! Or, if you would like to preorder a SIGNED COPY, you can do so through my local indie, The King’s English Bookshop, at no additional cost! All you need to do is when you go to check out the book, in the comment’s section, say you would like a signed copy. If you want the book personalized, specify that as well. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this!

Now let’s talk about WOTW for a bit! For those of you who don’t know, I sold two new books to my publisher, which will release in 2019 and 2020. The first is a standalone YA fantasy titled WARRIOR OF THE WILD. It is a (very loosely) Viking-inspired story about eighteen-year-old Rasmira, who fails her coming-of-age test and is banished from her village as a result. With only two boys who were banished the previous year for company, she must survive the monster-filled wild and kill her village’s oppressive deity if she is ever to return home. Since some of you are wondering, no, this book does not have a love triangle. But because I can’t resist, yes, it does have a prominent romantic subplot.

Anyway, I’m really excited about the story. I have finished the first version of the manuscript and turned it into my editor. Just waiting on my edit letter before I can dive into revisions. If everything stays on schedule, this one should come out February 2019. We’re definitely hoping to stick to spacing out the books only one year apart. If you’re interested, you can add WARRIOR OF THE WILD to your TBR on GoodReads here!

Those are all the updates I have for now. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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